Help your tradespeople get more jobs done on campus

On-demand access to all tools, supplies and rides
The result: more time on the job & less travel time

  • Staff request rides, tools, assets and/or supplies from their smartphones
  • Reduce fleet costs
  • reclaim parking spaces
  • optional: go green & save money
  • I need:
  • ● pickup at 137 Glasgow St, Kitchener
  • ● dropoff at 51 Breithaupt St, Kitchener
  • ● push lawn mower pickup
  • Go!
  • I need:
  • ● pickup at 200 University Ave W, Waterloo
  • ● dropoff at 75 University Ave W, Waterloo
  • ● ladder drop-off (16-foot)
  • Go!
  • I need:
  • ● pickup at 151 Charles St W, Kitchener
  • ● dropoff at 32 Dill St, Kitchener
  • ● leaf blower pickup
  • Go!


  • Staff request rides, tools, assets and/or supplies from their smartphones
  • The request is assigned to the closest dedicated driver
  • Items and people are dropped off and picked up as per the request.
  • 90% of the most-commonly requested items are already stocked in the vehicles.
  • Our system tracks and manages everything so you can focus on what you do best.


Reduce your fleet costs

Service vehicles are used 5% of the day on-average but cost over $10,000/year to own and maintain. This is a classic case of under-utilization. On-demand work fleets solve this problem. They also prepare your organization for a future with self-driving vehicles, even though the system uses human-driven vehicles today.

More productive staff

How often have you seen a technician realize a tool or supply is needed, then need to spend 30+ minutes packing up the work site, driving to headquarters, picking up the item and driving back to the site? What is the labor cost of these high-skilled, high-cost employees for each trip? With an on-demand work fleet, technicians can typically have access to everything within 5 minutes delivered wherever they need it. The result: more up-time and more
productive staff.

Reclaim parking spaces and reduce costs

Many college campuses, corporate campuses and downtown cores have a lack of parking and congestion problems. At scale, each shared work vehicle reduces 9 vehicles compared to the one-vehicle-per-worker model. Switching to on-demand, shared work fleets means dozens of freed-up parking spots, not to mention enormous cost savings.

Why Choose Us

  • Named one of Canada’s Top 12 Innovators at Work by The Globe & Mail, Canada’s largest newspaper
  • Experienced management team with decades of combined experience in software and fleet management
  • CEO recognized by PricewaterhouseCooper through nomination for Innovator of the Year Award
  • The system was developed based on requests from the world’s top Universities and Colleges

Optional: go green and save money

  • Most work-related vehicles are only driven roughly 5% of the day. That’s not enough usage to justify the extra up-front cost of hybrid or electric work vehicles.
  • At scale, if one on-demand work vehicle does the work of 10 vehicles though, the return on investment from reduced fuel costs is 10 times faster.
  • If switching one vehicle from gasoline to electric saves $1,000 in fuel per year when used 5% of the day, switching one vehicle that does the job of 10 vehicles saves $10,000 in fuel per year.
  • Through much higher per-vehicle utilization, your organization can enjoy an accelerated return on investment through dramatically reduced fuel costs while going green.


Each deployment is unique. For example:

  • How many users will there be?
  • Which items are needed, and who is providing the items?
  • What is the length of the pilot or agreement?

Please complete the Contact Us form below so that an appropriate quote can be given after learning about your organization’s requirements.